Biggest disappointments of the Jets’ 2013 season


It may not be the offseason for some teams, but the NFL season is surely over for the New York Jets. That means we’ll be running out a series of reflective articles here at cover32, peering back on some of the best and worse moments of the Jets’ 2013 season. Today, we look at the biggest disappointments of 2013.


Vladimir Ducasse

You can bet Ducasse won’t be wearing green next season. Or at least he won’t be doing it in New Jersey. Now, we knew Ducasse would be some semblance of a disappointment a long time ago. When the Jets took him in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft, he was supposed to come in and immediately help at guard. That didn’t happen. He struggled. And then he continued to struggle. This year, though, the Jets actually relied on Ducasse. He was supposed to be the starting left guarding heading into the year, but lost his starting job after just four games to rookie Brian Winters, who gave Ducasse every reason to win the job back. But Vlad couldn’t do it. He couldn’t get back on the field save for a couple of plays every game. But that was it. Ducasse’s time is almost definitely done as a Jet. Unfortunately for him, he’ll be leaving with a bad taste in his mouth.


Mike Goodson

Goodson was supposed to be the starter. He was supposed to come in and immediately top the depth chart. That what John Idzik thought when he made him one of the first Jets’ signings of the offseason. He was going to be a speed back, someone who could affect the offense in so many different ways coming out of the backfield. But then the legal issues started. He was arrested in May when he passed out in a car in the middle of a New Jersey highway. Yes, that’s a serious sentence. Goodson ended up being charged with weapons and guns charges. Naturally, he started the season with a four-game suspension, but right as he came back, Goodson tore his ACL, ending his season. He could never make an impact. And that left the Jets in a sticky situation, that is until Chris Ivory showed how quality of a starting back he could be for them.

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