‘Boys biggest disappointment in’13


If you look at the Cowboys 2013 season there is obviously no bigger disappointment than the performance of the defense. Plain and simple it just plain stunk against formidable opponents and made back-up quarterbacks look all world at times. The scheme change was supposed to help the players on the roster but it mainly just made them look silly. Not only did they look silly, but all of the things that they were good at in 2012 they became bad at in 2013.

The opener against the New York Giants was the narrative of the season. They would give up over 400 yards a game but hang their hats on their ability to get turnovers. Well that’s all well and good when they were playing the Giants but that wasn’t the case every week.

The biggest contributor to this porous defense was the injuries, which may be the very reason Kiffin is getting another chance. On the first day of Training Camp, the Cowboys lost 2012’s third-rounder Tyrone Crawford. Crawford would have probably seen a lot of time in his second year. Then after franchise-tagging Anthony Spencer, he was gone for the season with micro-fracture surgery. Not to mention Jay Ratliff pissed and moaned until he was released. Claiborne, Lee, Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware were oft-injured throughout the year.

What was most certainly proved was that this team had a severe depth problem. After another year of bringing in band-aids for gushing wounds, the Cowboys wound up 8-8 and missing the playoffs for a fourth consecutive year. Now the Cowboys must complete a overhaul of the defense and start again. That’s disappointing but it has been this way for quite some time.

Hopefully a good 2014 Draft can bring different results for these Cowboys. Hopefully the veterans can return to form, continuos hope is what Cowboys fans will have yet again.

ICYMI, here is today’s column from Ethan Taylor.

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