In a season of bright-spots, only Trent Richardson held the Colts back


It was a good season in Indianapolis, one that saw the Colts take back the AFC South crown for the first time since 2010. Andrew Luck proved that last season was not a fluke, had nothing to do with their last place schedule and the Colts were in good hands at the quarterback position for a long time to come.

With all that said, there was still a hugely disappointing aspect to the season for the Colts. His name is Trent Richardson.

The former first-round pick was acquired mid-season for a 2014 first-round pick in a deal with the Cleveland Browns. That was the probably the high-point of the season for Richardson.

He fumbled in his first post-season carry, turning out to be his only carry in their wild card playoff win over Kansas City. Further, he played no factor at all in the divisional round loss to New England, a time when the Colts organization envisioned him helping out the most when they made the deal for him.

Richardson finished the season with 157 carries for only 458 yards, an average of only 2.9 yards per carry. He did score three touchdowns, hardly worth the first-round price tag the Colts shelled out for him though.

The question going forward is what to do with Richardson? Given what they paid to bring him to Indianapolis, it stands to reason they need to get something from him. However, for purposes of looking only at the 2013 season, Richardson was a monumental disappointment.

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  • Ol’ BC

    It isn’t all Richardson’s fault. For some reason the Colts’ O line likes to stand straight up when trying to run block. That doesn’t move too many people.

    • Chet

      That’s cause they’re getting knocked backwards