NFL investigating sideline cheap shot on Jeremy Lane


Jeremy Lane was hit on the sideline by a member of the 49ers staff or team during the middle of a kick return in last night’s NFC Championship game. The officials did not see the incident at the time, but rest assured that it will not go unnoticed by the NFL.

Adam Schefter tweeted earlier today that they are looking into the matter:

You can see the incident here:



Lane responded to a fan’s question on Twitter by replying he did not know who it was that hit him:

The league fined Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin $100,000 for stepping onto the field during a Jacoby Jones return last month. Whoever the individual is that hit Lane, he’d better brace his check book because this one is going to hurt.

If the Seahawks were characters in Game of Thrones, who would they be?

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  • Anonymous

    Your Comment Here…The NFL always needs a controversy can we get to work now and stop all of this.

  • Matt Larson

    It’s sad that cheapshots have to be made. It’s obvious on the clip that Coach Harbaugh saw who did it, you see him watch it happen. No excuse for this or the Seahawk fans throwing food on the 49er LB after he was hurt.

  • lou

    cut me a break , the guy is 10 feet out of bounds this isnt close to the tomlin situation , looks more like lane ran into a guy with his hands in his pockets

    • chris

      Are you kidding me? Ran into a guy with his hands in his pockets? If you look closely, you can see the guys hand coming off of Lane.

      • chris is a fag

        your mentally retarded you shouldnt be that far out of bounds and still be trying to make a play dick weed

  • Mark

    That’s b.s. Talk about cheating why is it lanes fault that some ass hit him there’s no excuse for that kind of cheap shot the fact that he was out of bounds farther has no bearing on it and you all need to wake up and smell the coffe retards sad I hope the NFL fines him big time for being a cheat and a poor sport just like kaepernick