Pro Bowl snub Marcell Dareus going to Hawaii after all


Forget the fact that Marcell Dareus led fan voting for defensive tackle for the pro bowl, even though he was left off of the initial roster it seems he will actually get his well deserved spot on the all star team. He will be replacing injured Justin Smith of the 49’ers, a player who had lower numbers than Dareus in pretty much every statistical category this season.

I am more than delighted that Dareus will finally get his long over due appearance in the pro bowl but the simple fact of the matter is he should of already been going. The pro bowl is supposed to be the best of the best players from the season getting together for an all star exhibition game, but a quick comparison of the stats between Dareus and Smith and it is obvious that is not the case.

I’ll watch the pro bowl this year to see my fellow Bills players but I am not about to believe it’s not all a complete crock of shit. Until the players like Dareus and Kiko Alonso who led their respective positions in fan voting actually make the initial roster the NFL can shove it.

Congratulations on finally making it to the pro Marcell Dareus but you should have been going from the start and I am not about to forget that anytime soon.

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  • chuckytee

    Congratulations, Marcel! Now if you can find the time to show up on time you may play a reasonably good game and show all how good you play for the Bills?? LOL. GO BILLS!!