The Eagles' biggest disappointment in 2013


Safety Patrick Chung was awful in his first year with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brought in as a free agent last season, Chung wasn’t supposed to be the next Brian Dawkins—but he was expected to provide some sort of upgrade from what the Eagles had the previous year. Nate Allen hadn’t panned out as hoped, Jaiquawn Jarrett was a bust and Kurt Coleman was nothing more than depth.

They had drafted Earl Wolff, but as a fifth round pick, he wasn’t expected to be ready by the start of the year. Chung was basically the stop gap to go alongside Nate Allen. Kenny Phillips, a free agency signee from the Giants, had battled injuries in camp and was eventually released. Chung was now a starter.

What ensued was pathetic. Chung was horrible in pass coverage, missed too many tackles and even battled his fair share of injuries. It took only a few games to realize that Chung was more of a liability than an upgrade.

The shoulder injury he suffered early in the season hampered him from that point on. Him both him and Wolff were hurt late in the season, causing the Eagles to be even weaker on the back end.

A few other players — Cary Williams and Isaac Sopoaga, to name a few — might have been two other guys who you could have considered for this designation. However, Williams played decent down the stretch and Sopoaga wasn’t here long enough (and was more-so just ineffective than a disappointment). Chung was above and beyond the worst player on Bill Davis’ unit in 2013.

Even without much depth at safety, he’ll likely be shown the door at some point before the 2014 officially gets underway. His cap hit in 2014 is nearly $3.3 million, money the Eagles could allocate more effectively elsewhere.

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