The Miami Dolphins should NOT trade Dion Jordan


Earlier this week the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero tweeted out that the Eagle’s Tom Gamble doesn’t want to become the Dolphins GM. It was expect because Gamble is viewed as the heir to the Eagles GM position.


After that tweet, things took an interesting turn. Armando tweeted “I’m told 1 thing Tom Gamble would’ve recommended if he interviewed for Dolphins GM was switch back to 3-4. Thinks Dion Jordan 3-4 stud.”


This was something Dolphins fans (including myself) have been talking about for at least the last month or two.


About an hour later Mando said “Eagles have No. 22 in 1st rd. Wouldn’t surprise me if they try to trade that for Jordan.” This caught me by surprising. Why would this even be a thought? The Dolphins traded up for a player just to get rid of him one year later?


Even with a new GM Dion Jordan shouldn’t be traded. Yes he didn’t produce in 2013….. But he didn’t play!


Jordan has the potential to be an elite level player for many years in this league, why would you give up on that after one year? It just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.


At this point, it would make more sense to trade Cam Wake. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see either of these players leave Miami. But, if the Dolphins do want to trade a pass rusher, Wake just seems to make more sense. He has a team friendly contract and would be perfect for a win-now team.

Like I said, neither of these players should be leaving Miami during the 2014 offseason. These two have the potential be one of the best pass rushing combinations in the NFL, you can’t trade that away after one season…. It is like trading away Tannehill after his 2012 season….

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