Who should Chiefs fans root for in the Super Bowl?


With the Broncos and the Seahawks both winning on Sunday, the Super Bowl matchup is officially locked in. Two weeks from now, there will be two number one seeds vying for a Super Bowl title for just the second time in the last nine years. As a Chiefs fan still drowning in the disappointment of the collapse in Indianapolis, it is hard to see the Denver Broncos make the big game, yet as a classic Chiefs fan, I am always inclined to root for the AFC team.

So what is the solution? Who should the average Kansas City fan root for in the matchup between the two number one seeds?

WHY SEATLLE: From a personal standpoint, I would root for Seattle because of Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. I like the way Carroll coaches. I liked him when he coached at USC and I like him now. Carroll has the personality I like in a coach, and quite frankly, if he was the Chiefs’ coach, I would be ecstatic. In my opinion, he has the perfectly likable combination of classiness, energy, and confidence. Some people do not like him because they think he comes off as cocky, and some still hold the allegations he brought on USC against him. But as a fan, I like a coach that is willing to go for it when he is under pressure.

A great example of Carroll’s confidence in his team is the play on Sunday that occurred three minutes into the fourth quarter. On fourth and seven, the Seahawks got the Broncos’ defensive line to jump offsides, creating a doable fourth down and two, which Carroll of course went for. Immediately following the offsides, Wilson rifled a 35-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jermaine Kearse. Without the guts of Carroll, the Seahawks may have punted the ball away on fourth and seven, which may have had a huge overall impact on the outcome of the game.

Another reason the Seahawks sometimes deter fans is because of the belief that they are full of themselves, in particular the defense. This reputation was further reinforced by Richard Sherman’s postgame tirade to Erin Andrews, claiming he was “the best cornerback in the league.” That rant may have lost him and his team a lot of fans. Combine that with the sometimes seemingly over-confident Carroll, and some Chiefs fans could be more inclined to pull for the Broncos.

WHY DENVER: If you are a Chiefs fan and you are considering rooting for Denver, there usually has to be a big reason why you are doing so. A couple of years ago, it could have been that you were a Tim Tebow fan and you wanted to see him defy the odds and win a Super Bowl. Now, it could be just as possible that you want to see Peyton Manning come all the way back from where he had to in order to win just the second ring of his career. With it being Manning, I can easily understand how you could do so.

Two years ago, he was dangerously close to having to retire. To come back from an injury as significant as his and have the two best years of his career is nothing short of remarkable. If you are a Manning fan, I highly recommend you read Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year article about him, as it goes into detail about just how good of a guy Manning is off the field also. Whether it includes writing back letters to all of his fans, or the way he reaches out to his teams’ trainers and equipment managers, it is easy to see how Manning acquires the following that he does.

Whether you are rooting for the Seahawks to win, or the Broncos, I am predicting that this Super Bowl will be one of the best in recent memory. With possibly the best offense in the history of the league facing possibly the best defense in the league, there will undoubtedly be a large attraction to this matchup. The Broncos are seen as the humble, seasoned squad, led by one of the classiest players of all time, yet they are still the Chiefs’ rivals. The Seahawks may be seen as cocky on certain occasions, yet I like the swagger that they carry; they feel they have a chip on their shoulder. Regardless of who you are rooting for, and why, these two teams have played great all year and truly deserve to be where they are.

Super Bowl XLVII is shaping up to be a classic.

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