Who was the Dolphins biggest disappointment in 2013?


Who was the biggest disappointment in 2013?

There are a couple of names that come to mind but one sticks out…..Philip Wheeler.

In 2013, Jeff Ireland tried to revamp his linebacker core by replacing Kevin Burnett and Karlos Dansby with Wheeler and Ellerbe. The move came at an expense but both on the field and off the field.

Ireland dished out 13 million dollars guaranteed of his five year 26 million dollar contract. Looking back the Wheeler signing might have been one of the worst in all of free agency in 2013.

Wheeler coming off a career year in Oakland not only struggled all year in Miami but was also an expensive downgrade from what Miami had with Burnett.

Wheeler finished the season ranked PFF’s 35th of 35 OLB. Wheeler finished the season with a -20.8 grade from PFF which was 18.8 points lower than Kevin Burnett who finished the season ranked 24th of 35 LB’s.

Wheeler who specializes in getting to the QB finished the season with only 1 sack however did rack up 23 QB hurries.

That being said Wheeler was downright pitiful against the run with a rating of -16.8. Wheeler missed tackles throughout the season and often had fans covering their face with their hands.

The question going into 2014 is can you bench a player who is making that kind of money? If his performance is the determining factor well then there really isn’t much to debate.

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  • Gofins72

    I’d say Martin was a pretty big disappointment, along with any of the top 3 draft picks.

  • kenny valentine

    Wheeler and Ellerbe were brought in to make our linebacker core faster, but they sure seemed to be a lot slower then the linebackers we had a year ago. Question is, is it poor coaching or poor ability?!