Arian Foster files suit against pregnant mistress


Arian Foster is a very good running back for the Houston Texans, but you wouldn’t know anything about that of late. It’s been a few weeks since reports surfaced that Foster, who is married with children, had an affair with 20-year old University of Houston student Brittany Norwood. The reports seemed to grow in severaty everyday, culminating in the young pregnant college student claiming that Foster and his brother tried to coax her into an abortion.

TMZ was the first to report the story about Foster and Norwood (pictured together below), and have obtained the scoop on the latest in the ever growing baby-mama drama.


TMZ is now reporting that Foster has filed a countersuit against Norwood for defaming his character and lying about his brother and himself.

From TMZ:

The Houston Texans running back filed the suit in Texas … saying Brittany Norwood’s claims that Arian and her brother tried to strongarm her into aborting the child are nothing more than a “calculated scheme” to extort the NFL star.

In the suit, Arian says he has PROOF to back up his claims … including text messages AND a legal recording of a conversation he had with Brittany in which she ADMITS her allegations are false.

Foster says in his lawsuit, “Norwood has engaged in a campaign to impugn the character and reputation of [Arian] with the intent to extort monies from him.”

Foster is asking the judge for unspecified damages — and he wants Brittany to pay his legal costs — for dragging his reputation through the mud.

This story seems far from over, but anyway you slice it, it’s not very pretty and will only get worse.

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  • kat

    My opinion : number one no matter what the situation is they are both wrong. She wrong for dating a married man he wrong for committing adultery. Marriage is a unity if he knew that he was not going to be faithful to his wife later in the marriage he should never have gotten married. She is wrong for sleeping with him whether with or without protection she should have left him alone she didn’t care about him when she did it and he didn’t care about her when it happen. Now that the dark has come to light the both are trying to save their name but they are both fighting a losing battle cause God will punish them. They need to take the media and court out of it and deal with their punishment like grown ups.