Dumb Tweet of the week: Marrone is a fake and a pansy.


This weeks dumb tweet of the week was actually nominated by fellow Twitter user and Bills fan @Chrisp4321 as he spotted this tweet by @frankpro who apparently was getting fans ready for the conference championship games on Sunday. Lets take a look at the offending tweet…


I’m not exactly sure why ‘real’ had to be in quotations for this one but it seems good ol’ Frank thinks that coach Marrone is a fake coach? I am not certain about how that works or how you can pretend to be a tough coach. I mean when it comes to coaching you are either tough on the players or you are easy on them, so really if you are pretending to be tough while coaching then you are in reality a tough coach. Are you all following me here? Unless Frank is talking about physical toughness in which case I would of definately made sure to watch for these coaches to show us what superior physical specimens they are while their respective teams competed for a conference championship. That might actually be something that this league needs since our coaches ability to lead a team is apparently heavily influenced by their toughness.

I want to thank both @Chrisp4321 and @frankpro for providing the material for this weeks dumb tweet of the week, make sure to follow them on Twitter along with myself @JamesKriger and @cover32_BUF

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