Dumb tweets: Michael Crabtree redefines mediocrity


By now you’ve heard all about Richard Sherman’s awkward postgame interview with Erin Andrews. What you probably haven’t heard much about is the fact that 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree antagonized Sherman at the end of the game by shoving him in the face. The bad blood between these two goes back to a charity event last year for Larry Fitzgerald, where Crabtree reportedly tried to start a fight with Sherman.

After Sunday’s game Crabtree took to Twitter to insult the guy who just embarrassed him on national television and clinched the game with his deflection to Malcom Smith in the end zone.

Sherman later shot back by quoting Tywin Lannister: “a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.”

Who does Crabtree think he’s kidding? Film don’t lie? Sherman led the league in interceptions even though he was thrown at less than any other corner back in the NFL. What a joke.

Also, last week on Twitter Tuesday we held a caption contest with this photo of Pete Carroll yelling at a football:

@Drillslinger won the day with this tweet:

Good news – Percy Harvin is expected to play in the Super bowl.

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