Photo of Von Miller smoking a blunt surfaces

Credit: Chris Humphreys, USA TODAY Sports

This is from the guys over at Black Sports Online — a new photo of Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller smoking what appears to be marijuana.


Obviously weed is legal in Colorado, but that still doesn’t change the fact the NFL has not softened its stance on players using it.

After being suspended for the first six games of the 2013 season, one more positive test for Miller would result in at least a year long ban from the NFL before he could apply to be reinstated.

Miller tore his ACL in Week 16 against Houston, but is expected to be ready for the start of 2014.

It’s unclear when the above photo was taken.

Where do the Broncos rank in our way too early 2014 Power Rankings?

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  • Anonymous

    Enhanced Performance? Check

    • I got a bit confused when I read that cmmoent thinking you were referring to my standard rankings, which did in fact go 11-5. I used to think BeatPower was a measure of the method used to sort the teams, but obviously that isn’t the case which makes things feel a little strange. If I recall correctly, the method you use to order the teams is an eliminating one. First you consider all teams with no beatlosses, and pick one to be #1. My question at this time is, how do you decide, if not by BeatPower, which team should be #1?

  • Rich Kurtzman

    Does marijuana enhance a person’s ability to play football? I argue, no. Does it help with killing the pain? Likely.

    • Prs

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  • Whiteshoes H

    How many players this year had DWI & DUI’s. Maybe marijuana would be a better alternative for them to go home and stay out of trouble.

  • yapping

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