Ravens continue search for new offensive coordinator


The Baltimore Ravens officially interviewed former Detroit Lions coordinator Scott Linehan for the vacancy of offensive coordinator. The offensive coordinator position is just one of a few coaching spots open at the moment; one of and most important.

The position that is being offered is looked at one of great opportunity. Baltimore had a struggling offense last season but they have pieces that most coaches would love to have. Let’s start with a Super Bowl MVP quarterback with a huge arm, young wide receivers with speed and talent and a running game that, though lacking last season; has the potential for great things as shown in the past. And it’s not just the players. The Baltimore Ravens franchise is considered one of the top tier organizations not just in the NFL but all of professional sports. Owner Steve Bisciotti has laid a foundation of a culture that breeds respect, professionalism, and winning at the highest levels.

Your guess is as good as mine as to who may fill this vacancy. There’s truly no rush and a decision will be made in ample time. Personally I’m good with whoever Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh deems worthy. Keep it in house or go looking outside. Have to trust and respect the men that have made the decisions in the past. Look at Caldwell. One year as the offensive coordinator after a few years of being a quarterbacks coach and he landed himself another head
honcho gig.

The Ravens have a knack for doing it right.

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  • Iim

    Haha they have a good snippet for the Chargers The leguae’s number-one ranked defense got a bye week, and Philip Rivers got some time to prepare for Baltimore. The big news out of San Diego over the past seven days, though, was the acquisition of BIlly Volek from the Titans. Just to make sure I’ve got this straight e2€” Volek goes from being the third string quarterback on arguably the worst team in the NFL to being the backup quarterback on one of the leguae’s best squads e2€” in pretty much the best city to live in America, no less? That’s like being dumped by one of the ladies on The Biggest Loser and ending up with Jessica Alba. I could think of worse fates.