Seahawks’ Sherman apologizes for postgame tirade


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Monday apologized for his tirade at the end of Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

The Seahawks won 23-17, with Sherman helping seal the victory in the final minute by breaking up a pass intended for Michael Crabtree that resulted in an interception by Malcolm Smith.

After the game, Fox’s Erin Andrews interviewed Sherman on the field.¬†That led to this:



According to Tim Booth of The Associated Press, Sherman sent a text message to ESPN, saying:¬†“I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates. … That was not my intent.”

Earlier Monday, Sherman told ESPN Radio: “Obviously, I could have worded things better and could obviously have had a better reaction and done things differently. … But it is what it is now, and people’s reactions are what they are.”

Sherman’s tirade against Crabtree stemmed from the 49ers receiver saying Sherman wasn’t the best cornerback he has faced.


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  • Anonymous

    Don’t apologize, Sherman! It’s a sign of weakness! Besides, you did nothing wrong!

  • Tony Defeo

    I agree. I don’t see the need to apologize. If anything, the jackass fans who went to twitter to make racist remarks should be the ones who apologize. Of course, that won’t happen because there’s no accountability. Unless, of course, a lot of their friends saw what they wrote, or their bosses–that would be awesome. Kind of hard to live that one down.

    • Ian

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    • An Agent Intern, thanks for your input! I noietcd your comments often lined up with those of The Agent. (Also, if you think the agent you intern for might be interested in participating in a round of “An Agent’s Inbox” – and if he or she represents at least several different genres of fiction – feel free to e-mail me anytime so we can chat about that.)Congratulations, Susan! Fingers crossed!I thought the same thing, Kayeleen:) I thought Mr. Sherman might be interested in a manuscript like DRIVERS (which is why I kind of bugged Ben about entering…).