Twitter Trolling: Pro Bowl smack talk, Romo’s recovery and more…


It’s a new week and once again time for an update about the cowboys from twitter. We have some more national Romo hate, Deion smack talk and news from Mobile Alabama all in store in this week’s round up!
Deion is still talking smack to Jerry Rice. One thing is for sure. I finally have a reason to watch a pro bowl.

What do you guy’s think about Sherman’s comments Sunday night? Drew seems to have an idea about how Coach Landry would have felt.

Yesterday was the first day of senior bowl practice and as such there is a lot of buzz in Cowboy land. Jerry talked to reporters and covered a few topics. Here are just some of the things involving the boys coming out of Mobile.
Good to know that Tony is on the mend. The last thing this team would want is a Tony Romo who could not extend plays because of a bum back.

In case you did not know, Will McClay is the new man in charge of putting together the cowboys draft board. Good to know he is getting hands on.

Update from Jerry on the status of the coordinators, feels pretty good to be right.

Keep checking back each week as we will be bringing you more updates from the twittersphere.

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