First look at Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII patches

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports

With the Super Bowl only 10 days away, details surrounding the game are coming out.

We now know the jersey color Denver will wear, as well as the referee and National Anthem singer. And on Wednesday, the Denver Broncos showed off a picture of their Super Bowl XLVIII jersey patches.

Check out the patch being sewn onto a Broncos jersey here!

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  • Whiteshoes H

    Are they going to have marijuana patches honoring the first 2 states to have legalize marijuana in their states?

  • Rich Kurtzman

    Ha, that’d be pretty funny.

  • As Doktarr mentioned, my gparhs are up. The only problem I have with DEN’s ranking on the standard graph is that OAK is higher. I don’t know where they’ll end up in your BeatPower, but in your graph, my graph and my rankings, OAK is considered the better team. I have a hard time believing that.As much as I’d hate to see it, the all NY Super Bowl does seem possible. I’d have to agree with Chris though, that NYJ is more likely to fall in the playoffs from the current look of things.

  • Izy

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