Giving a virtual “unknown” a chance isn’t all that bad


Guessing and predicting who will land any job is almost a waste of time. We have been discussing a multitude of coaches that could potentially land the offensive coordinator position for the Baltimore Ravens when obviously only one can land it. It was nice of Coach John Harbaugh to just flat out tell us who the remaining candidates will be. Four to be exact. In no particular order Scott Linehan, Kyle Shanahan, Jim Hostler, and Kirby Wilson have made the cut. Each candidate has their own strengths that are alluring for Harbaugh. Linehan has the most experience and is coming off an impressive stint with the Detroit Lions at the same position. Shanahan is young and understands zone-blocking schemes and perhaps has one of the greatest minds in NFL history in his dad. Wilson has the least coordinator experience but is a running backs coach which is exactly the area that Baltimore needs to improve most.

Finally, there is Hostler; Hostler also lacks experience in more prestigious roles on a coaching staff. He was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers in 2007 but that only lasted a year. The one thing that Jim Hostler does have going for him is that he is and currently was a Raven. Baltimore runs a tight-knit operation. They almost always promote from within and give their specialist coaches a chance. Maybe because Harbaugh himself was once a specialist; a special teams coach in fact. Or maybe it is because they have been part of a winning organization and don’t need to be instructed on how to carry one self. Either way, it has been working.

I won’t sit here and speculate as to who will indeed become the new offensive architect. What I will say is that if the Ravens do decide to go with the lesser known current wide receivers coach Jim Hostler, I won’t hate it. It has worked for them in the past and why couldn’t it again? Getting a flashy name doesn’t always work, in fact it usually never works. John Harbaugh is living proof of that. Do you know how close we were to getting Jason Garrett after Brian Billick was relieved of his duties? Scary thought right.

As I have said before. I will be happy with almost anybody they hire and out of the remaining candidates I back that claim up even more. So whomever it is just understand this is only the beginning. Baltimore has a full offseason of work to do and they will need every day of it.


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