MAILBAG: Alex Smith, drafting receivers, and Scott Pioli


As always in our mailbag, we try to do our best to answer the most pressing questions from the Chiefs Kingdom.

Who is the one receiver in the draft you really like? – Matt from Kansas City, MO

I’d have to say Jordan Matthews. One of our columnists detailed the Vanderbilt wide receiver a bit in his Senior Bowl preview. You don’t become the career receiving leader in the SEC easily. Matthews caught 262 balls for 3,759 yards over his Commodore career. He was the lone playmaker on the Vanderbilt offense for his last two collegiate seasons, and increased his reception total from 94 in his junior year to 112 in his senior year. The knock on him is he may not be all that fast, but Matthews impressed scouts with his measures at the Senior Bowl weigh-in. Overall, he’s big, strong, and will be a very reliable target in the NFL.

Did Alex Smith deserve to replace Tom Brady in the Pro Bowl? – Joe from Independence, MO

For his play in the second half of the season, yes. But personally, I believe Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers should have gotten a spot. He was integral in getting the Steelers back into the playoff hunt during the second half of the season. Big Ben threw for 948 more yards than Smith this season, along with five more TD’s. Roethlisberger averaged 7.3 yards per attempt as opposed to Smith’s 6.5, and even completed a higher percentage of his passes (64.2) than Smith (60.6). That means he was more efficient while attempting bigger chunks of yardage than Smith. Last but not least, according to Pro Football Focus, Roethlisberger was the eleventh highest graded quarterback with a +12.1 grade among quarterbacks who took at least 25 percent of team snaps, while Smith came in 24th with a -0.6 grade. Smith improved, but Roethlisberger was simply better for the whole season.

What are your thoughts on former Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli joining the Atlanta Falcons? – Tim from Olathe, KS

We all know Pioli’s tenure in Kansas City was one to be forgotten. It’s easy to sit here and call it a terrible hire based on his track record while in charge of the Chiefs. Here’s the issue with that though: he’s not in charge.

Pioli is joining the Falcons as an assistant general manager. He is very good friends with Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff from their time in New England together. The Falcons, excluding this season, have built a solid organization and do not need to worry about getting a quarterback. Pioli can focus on football while learning about the inner workings of a franchise with a foundation and a general manager with his own philosophy.

Who should the Chiefs be watching in the Senior Bowl?

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  • Adam

    Would you guys just get off of Smith’s back and appreciate what he’s done for your franchise? Ben Roethlisberger threw TWICE the amount of interceptions than A Smith and citing that he threw more TDs and yards is a weak argument, considering that Smith sat the final regular season game. If you include his playoff game, which would be fair, given that it would equal the same amount of games played for each, Roethlisberger threw for only one more TD, and 500 more yards, which is exactly what Smith RUSHED for this year (500+ yards and a few rushing TDs). And, again HALF OF THE TURNOVERS. Even when Smith does well he’s criticized unfairly.

    • Tyler Greever

      First off, the Chiefs aren’t my franchise. Secondly, nobody is trying to say Smith is not a good QB. I simply thought Roethlisberger had a better season and is a better quarterback. You obviously disagree.