Mailbag: Are the Bears nasty enough?


We are now down to two teams in the NFL. Richard Sherman’s rant Sunday was epic and it got a lot of people talking about whether it’s good or not.


Are the Bears missing a guy like Richard Sherman on their team? -Mike in Peoria


Talent wise the Bears don’t have anybody like Sherman in their secondary. Tim Jennings can do some special things but he just doesn’t have the size Sherman has. The Bears can use a guy with a little bit of a nasty personality like Sherman. That defense was missing an identity last season. Say what you want about Sherman but he gets it done and his teammates love him.


Where can the Bears most improve position wise this off-season? -Adrian in West Town


It has to be the defensive line. The run and pass defense will improve dramatically if the Bears can sure that up. They need to get a three technique tackle, run plugging nose tackle and another pass rusher. If they do that this is a playoff team once again.


Can the Bears be the best offense in football next season? -Tom in CharlotteĀ 


Oooh that’s tough. They can certainly get close. The only person holding them back is Jay Cutler. Every great offense has an unquestioned top quarterback. Cutler is going to have to take a major next step if the Bears want to be the best in the league on offense. Can he do it? Of course but will he is the bigger question.

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