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Another week of awesome mailbag questions brings some inquiries about Marc Ross’ job with the Giants, as well as the team’s future at defensive tackle and a fan’s wishful thinking about the Hard Knocks life. Have a question you’d like to be included in next week’s mailbag? Be sure to tweet it @cover32_NYG with #c32chat!

Would it really have been a loss had Marc Ross left for the Bucs job? The guy has been awful in recent drafts.
– Jace (Allentown, PA)

I think people underestimate just how difficult it can be to pick in the middle of the draft each year. The talent outside the top 10 or so picks is really a crapshoot and sometimes, guys don’t pan out.

Even still, the Giants have racked up a ton of weekly contributors since he joined the organization in 2007, including Ahmad Bradshaw, Terrell Thomas, Hakeem Nicks, Will Beatty, Jason Pierre-Paul, Linval Joseph and Prince Amukamara. Other guys like Jacquian Williams, Jerrel Jernigan and Rueben Randle are taking some time to develop, but could be key players for many years to come.

Was Ross’ first year on the job as Vice President of Player Evaluation a good one? Absolutely not. The team he pieced together was underwhelming and lacking talent throughout, but that can’t rest solely on his shoulders. The Giants’ refusal to address certain positions, such as guard and linebacker, for the last few years set them up for failure; really, the Giants’ collapse took longer than it should have.

Ross is likely to stay in New York. He has not interviewed with the Dolphins for their opening. With that in mind, he’s earned his chance to redeem himself—along with General Manager Jerry Reese—in 2014. Should he fail, then I think it’d be fair to call for his head.

The Giants would be fools to let (Linval) Joseph walk, right?
– Scott (Brooklyn, NY)

It would be a shame to see Linval Joseph, one of the league’s best young defensive tackles, walk. However, it appears fairly likely.

At 25 years of age, Joseph could demand some serious money in the offseason and the Giants have far too many holes to address before they drop somewhere around $6 million a year on a position they already have a lot of depth.

Obviously, it’d be ideal to keep Joseph with Big Blue, but it doesn’t appear to be feasible. The Giants need to improve at three of the five offensive line positions, linebacker, cornerback, running back, and they must also sort out what they’re going to do at defensive end. I wouldn’t count on Joseph being a Giant come September.

I think it’d be awesome if the Giants actually did Hard Knocks. They’re such a successful yet private franchise, it’d be nice to finally get an inside look at everything.
– Eric (Baskins Ridge, NJ)

Which is probably exact why they don’t want any part of that show—they like having everything wraps.

The Mara family runs a tight ship and is one of the most respected organizations in all of sports. The last thing they want is everyone seeing how they handle business and interfering with it. They’ve won two Super Bowls over the last six years doing things their way; why mess with that?

Indeed, it would be fun to get that inside look. Who wouldn’t like a deeper look into Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning, their efforts behind the scenes and their relationships with all of the Giants players?

There’s no question the ratings would potentially be at their highest ever for Hard Knocks, but that’s not something the Giants are really concerned with. They do not benefit in any way from the show.

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