Mailbag: What should Rams do if Texans take Clowney?


What happens if Clowney taken #1, and no trade partners for #2? – Brent (@lannyosu)

This is a really interesting question because it would kind of nullify all of my ruminating about the value of the no. 2 pick. In my hypothetical scenarios, I’ve assumed the Texans are going to take Teddy Bridgewater and be done with it. Or perhaps they would take Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel if they fell in love with either of those two. Either way, the Rams would still be in a favorable position to trade their pick to a team that desperately wants to jump in front of the next two teams who pick after the Rams, Jacksonville and Cleveland, both of which are likely in the quarterback market.

However, if the Texans pick Clowney, which they very well might (you may recall the 2006 draft in which they chose defensive end Mario Williams over Vince Young and Reggie Bush), it would make for a really interesting study in NFL draft economics. Basically, I could envision one of two scenarios, both of which revolve around supply and demand:

  1. Demand outweighs supply: The Rams greatly benefit because teams desperate to snag their franchise quarterback (whether that’s Bridgewater, Bortles or Manziel) engage in a bidding war to have their pick of the quarterback litter, so to speak. This results in the Rams receiving another bountiful plunder just like they received in 2012.
  2. Supply outweighs demandWhichever team would have traded up with the Rams had the Texans taken Bridgewater (let’s say Minnesota, just for fun), now can sit back and watch the action play out a bit. Because the Rams are firmly committed to Sam Bradford in 2014, teams would know that the Rams almost certainly would like to trade out of their slot, especially with Clowney off the board. Potential trade partners could potentially lowball the Rams, knowing that the team will not take a quarterback and that there is now one more franchise quarterback available at the top of the first round with the Texans passing on Bridgewater. So this potential trade partner, let’s say Minnesota again, can either sit tight at no. 8 and take whoever falls to them, or trade up to no. 3 with Jacksonville or no. 4 with Cleveland in the event that those teams aren’t quite sold on the available quarterbacks and would rather acquire more assets.

So to finally answer your question: If the Rams don’t like any of the trade offers on the table, I think they would be wise to select the best player on the board, whoever they think that player is. If that player is Bridgewater, so be it. The worst thing would be for them to reach for a player that fits a need.

Why do you think your Tavon Austin piece about his LA picture has sparked such a reaction? – Louis, Peoria, Ill.

I think some St. Louis fans might be a tad insecure. Especially the same ones that saw the St. Louis football Cardinals leave in 1987. Can’t totally blame them, but I’d say some fans overreacted just a bit.

The Rams need a Richard Sherman-like defender.

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