Mailbag: Why won’t Cincinnati fire Lewis


Though the season is over for Cincinnati, many fans have questions about the off-season moves that have been made thus far. Here are a few:


What are the plans for maintaining the awesome defense and improving on the offensive side now that the OC and DC are gone? – Teia in Cincinnati

The Bengals have promoted guys from the coaching staff to fill those vacant coordinator spots. This move tells me that they are looking to keep the same type of mind state they have had in recent years. Marvin Lewis is a great NFL defensive mind. DC Paul Guenther was the linebacker coach this season, and he has instilled the same physical mindset, but plans to make his own adjustments to the scheme, so we can expect the defense to be strong once again. As far as the offensive side of the ball; newly appointed offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson has constantly stated that he plans to bring another element to the run game. He will also have much more run plays in his arsenal, and wants to bring in an all-purpose style running back.

Why won’t they fire Marvin Lewis after 11 years, if he can’t win a playoff game? – Brittany in Cincinnati

It has been 11 years, in many of those years Cincinnati has lacked talent. But looking at the success Coach Lewis has brought to Cincinnati, it is hard to say anyone else could come in and do what he has done. He has 4 total playoff appearances in those 11 years.  Marvin Lewis has also lead the most recent version of the Bengals to three consecutive playoff appearances. That is more than any coach in Bengals history. We saw the respect management had for Lewis when they elected to keep him, after getting rid of Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, and the rest of that roster. Something tells me the Bengals’ front office believes in the team and coaching staff they have now. Dalton, Green, and Burfict have all played three or less seasons in the NFL, and have yet to missed the playoffs. For now it may just be about being patient and letting these guys develop more. Who knows what they can become.

With the draft slowly approaching, what position does Cincinnati need to address in the first round? Will it be on defense or offense? – Jake in Chicago

With the injury to Leon Hall and the uncertainty of his recovery, it looks as if Cincinnati will be looking to acquire a defensive back early in the draft. Even though the defense was great, there is always room for improvement. The Bengals need depth at corner, and there are some talented DBs in this years draft class. Justin Gilbert, Darqueze Dennard, and Marcus Roberson are all exceptional young conerbacks. And all are more than worthy of a first round pick.

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    Marin Lewis and Andy Dalton will remain with the Cincinnati Bengals because…Micheal Brown is OK with the SAME O SAME O…ASK long as the games sale out and he puts money in his pocket….Micheal Brown don’t care if they make it to the super bowl….