Former Raiders Not Making Big Splashes With New Teams


When Reggie McKenzie was hired following the 2011 Raiders season, he inherited a team that was in salary cap purgatory. Among the many problems, there were a lot of bloated contracts with under achieving players. McKenzie immediately began cutting those players. He continued the process following the 2012 season.

The cuts forced the Raiders to take all of the largest cap hits in just two seasons. This has set them up to start building this coming off season. It has also drawn some criticism from fans. One of the things the fans have criticized most was the fact that the “best” players on the roster were cut.

The fact is that those players were not exactly dominating while they were with the Raiders and pretty much most of them have done very little with their new teams. Some of them are still free agents or are out of football.

Let’s take a look at how several of the key cuts have fared with their new teams. I will start with the ones who are currently out of the league.

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  • BigPuppetMobber

    Great article. #TrustInReggie

  • Amy Contizano

    Raider Nation is *always* talking about this! Something that I always think about, well done, sir or in the words of Moore, well done, ma’am

  • RaiderMex

    No Mike Mitchell?

  • Doc

    What about Michael Bush with the Bears?

    • walter spargo

      I was only highlightingplayers who were underperfoming and were cut. Bush was neither. He was a beast with us and was a cap casualty, not cut.

  • fb24

    So what? Just because Reggie cut the underperforming/overpaid players doesn’t mean he’s done SHIT yet. That was the easy part, and anyone could have done that. His real test is to sign quality players, and he’s pretty much FAILED in 2 straight drafts to this point. Hit-and-miss in free agency as well. And the Matt Flynn trade was an absolute joke.
    If this team isn’t above .500 this year and Reggie has another garbage draft, then he’s GONE.

    • Anonymous

      That you FlyBono?

      • fb24

        Who else would it be?

        • Walter Spargo

          HAHA! I knew it! Thanks for the comment and taking the time to read. I welcome any and all comments. Positive or negative!