Raiders punter Marquette King remodels a 49ers store display


The Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers have a local rivalry that remains strong despite the fact that the teams rarely every play each other. With two teams being housed in such close proximity to each other, even when not playing, there is a sense of competition to be the best in the Bay. Raiders punter Marquette King has been one of the more outspoken members of the Raiders when it comes to his Raiders pride and dislike of the Niners.

He has remarked on Twitter that it felt like everyone in the Bay Area was jumping on the 49ers bandwagon and more recently, he was one of the Raiders who found Richard Sherman’s anti Michael Crabtree rant to be hilarious.

Now, King has taken to Instagram as he shows his feelings on the Niners by remodeling (VIDEO) the clothing section of what appears to be a Bay Area Target:

Marquette King does some remodeling


UPDATE: It appears as though King has removed the video from his Instagram account. I am not entirely surprised. When this post went up on Twitter, a large number of Niners fans began insulting and bashing King. Apparently they were incapable of taking a simple joke without blowing up. Shame if you ask me. Before it was deleted, the video showed King taking down some Niners clothes and replacing them with Raiders clothes. I know, WHAT A TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING!!! Time to get over yourself Niners fans….


  1. Get over yourself if you have to go through that much trouble to put someone down… they must be doing something right!!!! Who’s got it better then us??? Nobody!!! #Faithful since before everybody had it better than us!!!