Ravens need to stop copying the Steelers


Okay Baltimore, we get it.

You really want to be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You’re jealous of the fact that they have six Super Bowl championships and you have two.

Yes they’ve accomplished that over the course of 81 years while you’ve only been around for 18, but clearly you’re doing your best to emulate success.

Why else would you want to interview Steelers’ running back coach Kirby Wilson for your offensive coordinator position?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Rookie Minicamp
Kirby Wilson monitoring Le’Veon Bell this past training camp

Clearly this is the next step in Baltimore’s nefarious plan to become Steelers southeast.

The Ravens already tried implementing the Steel Curtain plan, building a dominant defense and running game and riding them to a Super Bowl win in 2000.

Ray Lewis certainly echoes Jack Lambert (you know, except for the time he may have killed those guys) and Duane Starks fits the Mel Blount mold.

They even started Rod Woodson (a former Steeler) for the entire year.

That’s not even subtle mimicry anymore. It’s repainting an original.

The similarities don’t stop there, however.

Pittsburgh suffered through some (comparatively) lean years between their Steel Curtain heyday of the 1970’s and this current iteration with only one Super Bowl appearance, a loss to the Cowboys in 1995.

Their fortunes changed after drafting a behemoth quarterback from a relatively small school named Ben Roethlisberger.

Sound familiar, Baltimore?

Joe Flacco has been Roethlisberger Lite from the moment the NFL started scouting him.


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