Tacoma teen fired for wearing Demaryius Thomas jersey


There’s still a little less than two weeks before the Broncos and Seahawks tip off in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII, but the cities of Seattle and Denver are already warming up.

We, as fans, can’t rely on an hour of drills and half-assed stretching before a game. We need days, even weeks, to get into game mode. Watching SportsCenter, reading blogs, and listening to the radio are how we prepare for games. There’s a reason for the exponential increase in all the Broncos and Seahawks gear that lines the people and streets of Denver and Seattle: We need to get hype!

Unfortunately, there is an inherent problem that arises when these emotions begin bubbling. Normally docile fans, now crazed with team spirit, become warriors for their sports nation: prejudices arise, fights start, and lives may even be ruined. This is the case for, 17 year old, Nathaniel Wentz, who was fired from his job at a family entertainment center in Tacoma, Washington, after he opted to wear his Demaryius Thomas jersey instead of the mandated Seahawks jersey.

Upon seeing the Broncos jersey, Wentz’s boss told the teenager to go home and change his clothes, but Wentz never returned. “It was all about you can’t,” Wentz said of his former employers. “You can’t represent your team. There’s something wrong with that.”

Sadly, Wentz’s chances of getting his job back or gaining compensation for his dismissal don’t look so great. His father, also an avid Broncos’ fan, reportedly attempted to reach out to his son’s employer but never heard back. According to Patrick Leo McGuigan, a Seattle attorney, “An employer has a common law right to terminate for no cause, good cause, or a cause that’s morally wrong, as the courts like to point out.”

That being said, the real moral of this story is that you should always stand up for your team. Wentz, who has been a lifelong supporter of the Broncos, truly represents what it means to be a fan.

What exactly does OMAHA mean, anyway?

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