The Browns have no clue how to win


Congrats to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks for winning the big games against tough opponents and making your way to the Superbowl in New Jersey February 2nd. BTW, I hate you.

OK, hate is a strong word and one that is used way too often in the world today. I don’t hate either team and I don’t hate the Browns for not being one of those two teams to bask in the glory of awesomeness that will be Superbowl 48. I don’t hate but I do very much envy those two teams and I’m very….disappointed in my Browns. It’s not all about winning and losing and making the playoffs or even making it to the ultimate goal of the Superbowl once every five or ten years. It’s about the winning mentality or lack thereof. The Broncos and Seahawks have that winning mentality. So do the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers (I just threw up in my mouth but it’s true) and several other teams in the league. Most teams, including the Browns don’t know what it takes to be a winning team. It’s not all about winning ten or twelve games a year like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning do every freaking year they play, it’s about always moving in the right direction.

The Broncos were garbage for the start of the 2011 – 2012 season so they mixed things up and started Tim Tebow who went on to win 7 of 8 games and bring them to a playoff victory against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. Even then, John Elway and the Broncos knew that Tebow wasn’t the answer to a long term future of winning in the NFL and they knew there was one guy in the world who could make them the best team in the league almost immediately. The best free agent to ever hit the NFL market or the open market of any sport in the history of sports, Peyton Freaking Manning, though he had just had four neck surgeries, immediately made them a championship caliber team. OK so they lost to Baltimore in the first round (expletive), but they got better and went out and picked up Wes Welker, Terrance Knighton and others. The Broncos are just the example of one team that does things right from top to bottom of their organization. Pat Bowlen is a great owner and placed his trust in a great head man, John Elway who then selected a great team of coached headed by John Fox. They are classy on and off the field, they win games and are now headed to the Superbowl.

You can understand why the Browns want ANYTHING they can get from this Denver team and why they want to hire Adam Gase (Broncos’ offensive coordinator) as their head coach. The team wants that touch of greatness. Gase has been part of the greatest offense to ever strap on cleats and has been in countless meetings and practices with the great PFM. The Browns can’t get Manning as their QB but maybe just maybe through Gase they can get some of his knowledge and greatness.

All I know is that this team needs greatness from somewhere. If it’s from a young QB, a different mentality or even a 35 year old offensive coordinator, the Browns need to make it happen or suffer watching the Superbowl from their couches for the next decade plus.

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