5 Seniors you and the Packers should be watching this weekend


This Saturday, January, 25th the second to last meaningful football game of the 2013-14 NFL year will take place. Ironically enough, it also marks the official start to next season for many rookies in 2014-15 NFL season. I am talking of course about the Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl is the first chance for the top NCAA football seniors to impress NFL coaches. It is also the last chance for us as fans to see top rated prospects in pads before the NFL draft in April. While some fans may lose interest because of lack of top 10 talent, the Senior Bowl can provide great insight into who to get in the draft. Just last year, first overall pick Eric Fisher and first quarterback selection EJ Manuel used the Senior Bowl as a springboard. This year Packer fans should play close attention to these 5 players during Senior Bowl week:

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  • This piece was cogent, welw-lritten, and pithy.

  • It’s better to have 5+ WR’S than 5 TE’S. Go with Jennings, Jordy, Jones, Cobb & DD,,,let Gurley, Borel & Shaky fight for roetsr spots in training camp. Having a deep WR core ( injuries-jennings end of last year) is key for a team that threw the ball 66% of the time last year.