Congrats to Pettine on becoming head coach of the Browns


Well its official, after one wonderful season as the Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine will leaving to try his hand at being an NFL head coach over in Cleveland. It truly is a sad day for Bills fans everywhere and he will surely be missed here in Buffalo after providing a long over-due spark in our defense in his first year with us.

The possibility of Pettine getting the Browns head coaching position has been the major buzz this week in Buffalo and there are not too many Bills fans who wanted to see it actually happen. However this is a tremendous opportunity for Pettine and the right thing to do now would be to wish him the best of luck. Its not often a Buffalo Bills coach leaves the team still on good terms with us and gets a better opportunity elsewhere, so the feelings we all have are a bit different than what we are used to.

I just hope that Doug Marrone picks another potential NFL head coach to fill the vacancy left by Pettine but at the same time I don’t want us to be losing our defensive coordinator every year because they are being hired as head coaches elsewhere. Marrone has a keen eye for talent and I trust whoever he picks as our next DC will do just fine, but I really liked what we had and not many of us Bills fans were ready to give Mike Pettine away so quickly.

What’s done is done though and the only thing left to do now is wish Mike Petine the best of luck with the Browns. As much as I would love to see him back with the Bills the last thing I want to see is for him to be a complete disaster as a head coach in Cleveland and end up with a lowered reputation. He did a fine job for us in Buffalo and I have all the respect in the world for him because of that. Thank you for everything you did for us in the short time you were here Mike Pettine and I hope you have a long and successful career as an NFL head coach. Good luck and Go Bills!!!

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