Does Jerry Rice want to be the Browns’ next Head Coach?


Don’t get your hopes up too much, the all time great wide receiver isn’t like to be in Cleveland anytime soon except possibly for a connecting flight or some ice fishing. He did, however, seem to have a bit of a thing for Browns’ players as he”drafted” three straight Cleveland players in last night’s second round of the Pro Bowl draft.

Joe Haden was picked with the 6th overall pick then the very next pick at 8 he picked Joe Thomas and then proceeded to draft Josh Gordon with the 10th. The Browns had five players make the pro bowl despite a four win season and they should feel good about an all time great like Rice respecting them enough to pick them. That may be one of the very few highlights of the pro bowl game itself. The game that will be played this Sunday in Hawaii seems to be headed quickly towards extinction. The players waited around for several hours while the draft was televised as the NFL is trying everything they can to make it interesting. Sadly, (or not) the game looks to be even less interesting than normal and aside from the players enjoying the sun in Hawaii it seems unlikely anyone else cares.

The NFL is king at marketing their product and figuring out exactly what the U.S people want to see. Don’t be surprised if this is the last year they even play a pro bowl game and if they make players “pro bowlers” in name only from next year moving forward. I can’t speak for everyone but I know that I for one won’t miss it a bit.


Here’s a link to the official NFL Pro Bowl 2014 web page.

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