Ex-Bills we LOVE to HATE


This past weekend…and heck all of the playoffs have proven to Bills fans that we definitely still harbor some angst towards players that used to be on our team. Here is the top 5 (as voted through my twitter mentions) Ex-Bills you hate the most!

5. Aaron Maybin


Knew this name would pop up. Aaron Maybin. 1st round bust who only had 18 tackles after playing every regular season game his rookie year and in 2010 had only five tackles on 66 downs played. He was waived in 2011 by the Bills. He then went to the Jets..self explanatory why we disliked him more than we already had. There’s a reason he’s in the CFL now.

4. Donte Whitner

NFL: DEC 07 Dolphins at Bills

Donte Whitner…Hitner….whatever. After a huge diss on Twitter towards Buffalo, our hatred for this man grew higher than it ever had before. The Bills drafted him with the 8th overall pick in 2006. He was much more productive than Maybin in his rookie season with 104 tackles and one INT. He said some very nasty things that just won’t be forgiven. You excited for the Super Bo…oh wait the 49ers lost. Sorry bud.

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  • John Poplin

    Nice work Ashley, I hate all of them, Ya’ don’t play for the BILLS?…then You are no friend of Mine!

  • Brian

    How did Lynch not make this list?

    • Matt


    • August 15, 2012 12:39 pm by It’s all a balancing act. I’m a wife, meothr of 2, and part time student. In the grand scheme of things, blogging probably ranks low on my totem pole of priorities, but when I have time, or neglect other tasks….I blog!

  • King Zo

    Willis was just being honest. Lets face it, Buffalo is a hell of a city but if you are coming from Miami it is a serious downgrade

    • King Zo

      Furthermore, 90% of the people reading this probably come home and play video games every day.