Is Les Snead tipping his hand too much?


St. Louis Rams General manager Les Snead has been awfully open regarding his thoughts about the Rams roster.

From giving Sam Bradford a major vote of confidence to saying he’s confident in the Rams’ group of wide receivers, Snead has been a bit of an open book – especially when compared to most of his fellow general managers – who operate like a CIA field operative.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch‘s Bernie Miklasz wonders if Snead needs to find his poker face. I’m inclined to agree with Miklasz. Although it’s very possible Snead is sending various smoke signals to throw off fellow teams, I tend to believe silence is golden in these situations.

What do you think?

Who should the Rams target in the second round and beyond in this upcoming draft? Read to find out.

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  • Scott

    I think the point is to be to open he is basically saying we don’t need anything… We don’t need a QB we don’t need a wr we don’t need OL. He is not giving away anything. I would not be surprised with anything the rams do with the number 2 pick. But I do believe him when he says Bradford is the man. No way we take a QB at 2 unless Bradford’s rehab get knocked way off track some how.

  • Cory W

    In a league of smoke screens and lies… maybe a straight forward honest approach is more elusive for other teams to read. Besides… its true, the Rams have no huge glaring holes like other teams in the top 5… The Rams major needs OL, Safety, WR can be had after the top 10 this year. Not to mention… his honesty about no glaring positions to fill means that the RAMS could draft any position and that gives other teams no possible “tell” to Les’s poker face.

  • Spencer Engel

    That’s an interesting take, Cory, and you could be right. We’ll see how it plays out. I still think he’s costing himself a bit of a leverage, but maybe teams will get psyched out by how forthright he is and actually trade the Rams MORE than they would have?

  • Reg

    Renovate the Fearsome Foursome and a dominating defense. Draft Jadaveon Clowney and Ha-Ha Dixon first… than find Receivers an OT’s in later rounds!

  • Anonymous

    We will never be a dominate team without a dominate offensive line that can force our will on the other team – let’s get it straight this year and build that line for years to come.