Jim Harbaugh named one of the 10 biggest jerks in the NFL


It’s been four days, but everyone is still talking about Richard Sherman’s outburst. The debate rages on about what the Seahawks cornerback said to Erin Andrews shortly after he made a play that sent Seattle to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Some, find little fault with what Sherman said. But their best defense for him is that a Fox reporter shouldn’t have shoved a microphone in his face just seconds removed from the heat of battle. Fair enough, but that still doesn’t justify the arrogant and self-grandizing comments.

Others think Sherman was way out of line. While some in this group are fringe lunatics who use the incident as a way to promote their idiotic racial views, most who find fault with the Seahawks cornerback simply don’t like the way he was hyper-critical of an opponent and uber-complimentary of himself.

The debate will continue to rage, fanned by two weeks of a Super Bowl hype machine in need of good storylines. But one thing is certain: Plenty of people will tune in on Feb. 2 with the notion that Richard Sherman is a jerk.

But he’s far from the only NFL player who would fall into that category. For proof, cover32’s Buck Stanton came up with a list of the 10 biggest jerks in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh found his way on it; to see where he ranks, click here.

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