What Raider Nation thinks about Michael Huff in the Super Bowl


Former Oakland Raiders Safety, Michael Huff could get a Super Bowl ring – as a member of the Raiders rival Denver Broncos. Personally, I think it’s a bogus way to get that coveted championship ring. Having said that, it happens often and it is difficult to fault the player for getting one in that manner.

I took to Twitter the find out what the members of Raider Nation think about the subject. Here are some of their thoughts:

Quick, simple and to the point. It was even edited for content by the tweeter.

Also quick and to the point. This person also brings up another interesting point. Huff could cost the Broncos the game if he shows the lack of ability that he did with the Raiders.

That is another response that brings up an interesting point.

This response is the most interesting of all and it was retweeted several times. Former Raiders tight end, Zach Miller certainly deserves to win a Super Bowl ring. He has contributed a lot to the Seahawks since they signed him. He did the same while he was with the Raiders and he is still held in high regard by Raider Nation.

The most certain fact is that he clearly deserves the ring more than Huff since he was with the Seahawks for the entire season and contributed to their Super Bowl berth as opposed to joining the team late and riding the proverbial coat tails to one like Huff has with the Broncos..

Raider Nation has a bit of animosity toward their former first round picks who went bust and Huff, despite getting the game saving interception the day after the passing ofย  former Raiders owner Al Davis, is no exception.

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