Oakland Raiders: Top 5 free agents that could be game changers


The Oakland Raiders have a big time opportunity this off season. With the most cap room of any team in the NFL, the Raiders will have the opportunity to snag some game changing talent in free agency. Third year general manager Reggie McKenzie comes from Green Bay where they do not believe in spending a lot in free agency, but rather, believe in building a team through the draft.

But while McKenzie will never overpay for a player in free agency, this is a totally different situation than he was in with the Packers and there is nothing to say he is unwilling to pay a high price for someone who is worth it. After all, the Packers did sign Charles Woodson as a free agent and he did not come cheap by any means.

So with that, let’s take a look at five guys who the Raiders can sign that would make a big time impact immediately in 2014.

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  • Anonymous

    As long as they don’t keep Darren “as useless at they come” McFadden, anything they do will be an improvement.

  • H.J. Walters

    ” Please Do Not Pick a QB In The First Round!”

  • DondiRaider

    Top 3 spot on…..DT depends on our own FA and if they move Lamar inside….Bryd is too expensive and we got much bigger fish to fry!

  • Anonymous

    Of all the guys mentioned, I’d like Raji or Alex Mack!

  • Raider Regg

    Mack and Raji to build the core, I’d like to have Vick to bridge the gap. Draft Sammy Watkins and a Qb later maybe AJ McCarran or the kid out of Georgia.