Rivers to “go over the top” of Weddle during Pro Bowl


The first ever Pro Bowl draft is complete and Eric Weddle will have the opportunity to intercept Philip Rivers this coming Sunday. Philip Rivers was the 45th selection on Day 2 and will be on Team Rice with fellow quarterbacks Drew Brees and Alex Smith. Eric Weddle was the 33rd selection of Day 2 and will be playing on Team Sanders next to T.J. Ward and Eric Berry. Rivers is expected to be the second quarterback to enter the game behind Brees while Weddle should see plenty of time in a secondary comprised of only three safeties. Here is Philip Rivers reaction to the draft which was a lot of fun for the fans. Expect No. 17 to test “the beard” at least once during the exhibition. And let’s hope next year neither of these two will be making the trip to Honolulu because of prior commitments in Glendale, AZ.

Philip Rivers is on the All-Jerk team?

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