Sarcastic Pro Bowl edition


I’d much rather be writing about what the Ravens need to do in order to win their second straight Super Bowl but in this instance it’s going to be about Team Sanders in the upcoming Pro Bowl. In case you have missed it the NFL has done away with the traditional AFC v NFC format and has brought you a brand new “draft” type of setup. Legends Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders are captains and were in charge of drafting players to their respective teams regardless of conference. Deion Sanders picked all three Ravens that were available; Terrell Suggs, Marshall Yanda, and Justin Tucker (remember Haloti Ngata withdrew from the competition).

The Pro Bowl is what it is, but for the moment, indulge me and let’s embrace this game with a Team Sanders Top 5. That’s right the top players that will contribute to a thrilling victory this coming Sunday over Team Rice!

Terrell Suggs

Terrell Suggs is best known for his sacking capabilities. This season he started on a torrid pace and although during the second half of the season his numbers dropped significantly he still managed to come away with ten sacks. A reasonable number in today’s NFL. Expect Suggs to have a huge impact and absolutely crush….wait, time-out. (I was just informed that even though the format has changed there still will be only half-efforts and zero hard-hitting). Ok well he still will rep that backwards hat in an awesome fashion! Yea go Sizzle!!

Jamaal Charles

Some are calling this a fantasy game and that is exactly what Charles is; a great fantasy running back. Charles has the ability to take any rush of two and turn it into 78 yards just like that. Nothing like fantasy football gets America more revved up so with Charles in the fold I expect every casual fan from your office to be tuning in and going crazy with delight! Because you know you are having a Pro Bowl draft and every point matters to scoop up that $25 gift card to Starbucks!

Justin Tucker

OMG speaking of fantasy favorites it’s time to bring in Justin Tucker! Remember Legatron?! Of course you do! In the ultimate fantasy game this is the ultimate kicker. Tucker had a remarkable season including his 61-yarder over the Detroit Lions that sent so many of you leaping off your couches because you just earned a trip to your championship game! The Pro Bowl won’t be any different. In a game where they like to mix it up a bit, expect Tucker to attempt an 85-yarder to end the first half! That’ll be way fun!!

Ndamukong Suh

Suh is probably one of the scariest and intimidating players in all of the NFL. He is ferocious, nasty, and uber-athletic for his size. So in the Pro Bowl…

Marshal Yanda

It is a Pro Bowl and he is an offensive lineman


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