5 best Panthers moments of the 2013 season


The Panthers were by far the league’s most pleasant surprise this year, going 12-4 and winning the NFC South after overcoming a 1-3 start. Cam Newton became a clutch performer, and the defensive unit anchored by Luke Kuechly disrupted opposing offenses and were one of the best teams of 2013. Here are the five best moments of the memorable season.

5. Cam Newton leads rally against Dolphins

Wins are wins, come-from-behind or not.

The 7-3 Panthers traveled to Miami to visit the 5-5 Dolphins, who were trying to keep pace in the wild AFC playoff race.

In a game dominated by defenses, the Panthers trailed 16-6 at half time. Newton added a five-yard run to bring his team to within three points in the third quarter.

The Panthers got the ball back at their own 20 with 4:13 to go. Newton led a drive that lasted 3:30, with a fourth down conversion, two third downs converted and it ended with a one-yard touchdown pass to Greg Olsen. Miami wasn’t able to do anything with the ensuing drive, giving the Panthers the win.

This win proved the Panthers were in fact ready to win in the clutch, and Newton led his team on a clutch drive to win the game and keep them up to pace with the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South title.

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