Checkmate! Bills hire Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator


What a series of events that have taken place in the past two days here in Buffalo. Just yesterday we lost our beloved defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to a head coaching job in Cleveland, a move that had most of us Bills fans hanging our heads in sadness. The way Mike Pettine turned around our defense in just one season had us chomping at the bit with what beautiful destruction was to come from our defense under another season with him at the helm, and just like that he was gone

But fear not fellow Buffalo fan because the Bills organization went ahead and got quickly to work on not only hiring a competent replacement but hired Jim mother fucking Schwartz! Just as quickly as our coaching staff was thrown into complete turmoil the Bills have a defensive coordinator with a proven record that damn near guarantees our defense will be in very capable hands. Jim Schwartz is a man that is accustomed to running a top 10 defense and with our defensive talent I think its safe to assume that is a trend that will most certainly continue.

Its kind of interesting that we lost our defensive coordinator to a head coaching position then gained a defensive coordinator from a head coaching position. Just 2 years ago Schwartz led the Lions to their first playoff spot in 12 years, and now we here in Buffalo can only hope he does the same and leads us to our first playoff appearance in 15 years. One thing is for sure though is that is the Bills made one of the most unexpected and awesome moves by hiring Jim Schwartz. It is not often we Buffalo fans see this organization move to sign one of the best possible candidates for anything let alone for a coaching position.

Welcome to Buffalo Jim Schwartz, I believe you’ll find the fans here to be the best in the world as long as you continue your good honest approach with our defense. Keeping those blitzes coming wont hurt either and as you’ll see you have plenty of talent to work with in that regard. Good luck Jim, and nice job Buffalo.

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