How Ben McAdoo could revitalize the Giants offense


Last season’s offense for the Giants was nothing short of awful. Eli Manning may have had his worst season as a professional. He threw his lowest total of touchdown passes (18) since becoming a starter and he also threw a career high 27 interceptions. It wasn’t just Eli Manning, the offense as a whole was a disaster. In total, they turned the ball over a league worst 44 times. They failed to have one player eclipse 500 yards rushing this season even though they had seven different players start at half back this season. To top things off the offensive line play was the worst it’s ever been for Manning, as they allowed him to be sacked a career high 39 times, and allowed 40 total sacks overall.

Enter, Ben McAdoo. The Giants new offensive coordinator is tasked with fixing the league’s 28th ranked offense. This won’t be any simple fix, but McAdoo will bring changes to the offense that the fans have never seen. The biggest of which will be the west coast offense.

Last year Manning’s confidence was questioned often last season, as he made bad decisions and got hit more than ever. A lot of that was due to injuries all across the offensive line and the inability to get on page with any of his receivers. The west coast offense is designed for short throws and horizontal routes within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. Short, high percentage throws should restore Eli’s confidence to help get into a rhythm during games. To run this kind of offense the Giants will need at least the reliable wide receivers. While Giants have Victor Cruz to fill one of those spots, the Giants are hoping the other two spots can be filled by Reuben Randle and Jerrel Jernigan. Reuben Randle led the league in touchdown receptions this season and was drafted by the Giants in the second round two years ago with very high expectations. Jernigan made his presence felt late this season becoming Eli’s most reliable target for the last three games of the year.

The west coast offense also heavily relies on the screen game as well. Last year the Giant’s screen game was abysmal. Big Blue will have to find a back that is able to catch balls out of the back field. Even if they do decide they want to re-sign Andre Brown, he’s not exactly known for his pass catching abilities. This means they will have to be players in free agency. The prospects that will be available in free agency aren’t great at running back. Trying to lure Knowshon Moreno away from Denver or Maurice Jones-Drew from Jacksonville isn’t likely, and trying to bring back someone like Ahmad Bradshaw is risky considering his injury history. However McAdoo might be able to use his Green Bay ties to bring in someone like James Starks. In his short career, which has mostly been in a back-up role, Starks has compiled 45 receptions which far exceed anyone on the Giants roster. Starks was a valuable part of the Packers ground game as well. While his season stats won’t wow anyone, he did average five yards per carry this season which better than anyone the Giants currently have.

While McAdoo is pilfering the Green Bay roster he may want to take a look at free agent Andrew Quarless. The fourth year tight end out of Penn State had his best statistical season after Jermichael Finley suffered a season ending injury. Quarless managed to put up career highs in yards, receptions and touchdowns, while Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien were running the offense during Aaron Rodgers’ absence. The Giants had a very underwhelming production from that position this season and could use someone like Quarless whose athleticism can add a new dimension to an offense that will require the tight end to be very involved in the passing game.

This offense could be just what the G-Men need. These changes that McAdoo could install could make the Giants a contender sooner than most people think which should excite Giants fans.

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  • BobZ

    Eli can be a WCO quarterback. The tired/hurt O-line has to be all for blocking less. The biggest question mark is the RB. Our best pass catcher out of the back field is the great white hope Peyton Hillis.