When all is said and done; Suggs needs to remain a Raven


As Ravens fans well know, the defense has been the focal point for their team for as long as the Ravens have emerged as a new franchise, because of this, keeping Terrell Suggs in the lineup in the 2014 season is one of the most important things the Ravens need to address. Apart from resigning Dennis Pitta and several other players, the Ravens need to keep the best players on the field, and Suggs is one of those top players.

The choice is pretty simple, but things are a lot easier said than done. The Arizona State product is on pace to get $12.4 million, which is a major cap hit for the Ravens. If the Ravens choose to release Suggs, the team would save up to roughly around $8 million dollars, which could be used in other major areas of need.

First, the obvious downfall of not having Suggs is the loss of leadership, and the loss of a fantastic pass rushing machine. Suggs amassed 10 sacks and 80 tackles this past season, which is his most since the 2011 season. Suggs has been a Raven all his life and his departure from the team could be greatly felt come game time.

Next, for every downside, there is always an upside. The release of Suggs could potentially bode well for the 2014 Ravens who are looking to add depth and security in other positions. They could use the money in other positions of need, it could also potentially hold true for the “next man up” motto, which has been around for the Ravens for quite some time.

In conclusion, I think that the Ravens should resign Suggs at any cost. Despite his injury in the previous season, Suggs has been playing exceptionally well and he deserves to go out a Raven (Ray Lewis anyone?). Even if Suggs does leave, the Ravens have good depth and linebacker which could make up for his loss, but ultimately the obvious choice is to sign Suggs for a long term deal and let him retire right here in Baltimore.

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