How the offensive line improves, Bowe’s disappointment, more


In case you missed it: Columns from the cover32 universe to get you caught up on all things Kansas City Chiefs, along with national featured columns you may enjoy.

Kansas City Chiefs

Who should Chiefs fans root for in the Super Bowl? (READ)

Dwayne Bowe was the Chiefs’ biggest disappointment in 2013. (READ)

Geoff Schwartz and Eric Fisher are the keys to improving the offensive line. (READ)

How should the Chiefs play the salary cap? (READ)

Fans congratulate Pro Bowlers Alex Smith and Derrick Johnson. (READ)

Who should the Chiefs watch for in the Senior Bowl? (READ)

MAILBAG: Questions about Alex Smith, Scott Pioli, and more. (READ)

National Columns

– The extra point might become extra gone next year (READ)

– The way too early 2014 Power Rankings, where’s your favorite team? (READ)

– The NFL will test new clock rules in the Pro Bowl (READ)

– Inspired by Richard Sherman: The 10 biggest jerks in the NFL (READ)

– Video: Another hilarious NFL bad lip reading (READ)

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