Weekly Rewind: Mock drafts and free agency talk begins


In case you missed it: Columns from the cover32 universe to recap the start of the offseason for the Bolts.

San Diego Chargers

– Monday’s Mock: Looking at the corners in the 2014 draft. (READ)

– The Chargers window is opening and this team should control the AFC West in the future. (READ)

– Quarterback prospects at the Senior Bowl that could replace Whitehurst. (READ)

– Weddle and Rivers to square off against each other in the Pro Bowl. (READ)

National Columns

– The extra point might become extra gone next year (READ)

– The way too early 2014 Power Rankings, where’s your favorite team? (READ)

– The NFL will test new clock rules in the Pro Bowl (READ)

– Inspired by Richard Sherman: The 10 biggest jerks in the NFL (READ)

– Video: Another hilarious NFL bad lip reading (READ)

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