Andrew Luck bonds with Cam Newton over handshake


While the actual Pro Bowl game may be watered down, unimpressive or just plain boring, there are some interesting things that take place around the game. Andrew Luck got the start last night for his Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, and while he showed well, that was not the best or most interesting Andrew Luck performance of the Pro Bowl.

It was reported that Luck and Pro Bowl teammate Cam Newton were working on a “handshake” that the two would use in celebration. You think these guys don’t practice everything they do at a level the rest of us don’t understand? Well, you would be correct. These two practiced this handshake, or choreographed hand dance, to make sure they had it right.

These off-field happenings are the only real redeeming quality to the Pro Bowl, a game that will go away before they figure out how to make it competitive or compelling to watch. But getting things like Luck and Newton boding, sharing and creating a small item like a handshake is what the game is about.

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    maybe the next manning/brady combo 🙂