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One year ago, the Kansas City Chiefs had just finished one of their most memorable seasons in the history of the franchise – memorable, that is, in a bad way.

The 2012 Chiefs season started with so much promise and hope, but only ended with despair and disappointment. What started out as hope and promise, stemming from the return of stars Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry from injury, turned out to be the kind of false hope you would not wish on your worst enemy. Not only did the 2012 Chiefs end up being a disgrace on the field, receiving the first pick of that year’s draft, but off the field things were even worse. The entire Chiefs organization had to deal with the suicide of the late linebacker, Jovan Belcher. What started off as just an unsuccessful season proved to be one of the most depressing and miserable seasons in the history of any organization in pro sports.

Regardless of just how bad of a year 2012 was, it still cannot go unmentioned that this franchise would probably not be where they are now without it. Do I wish that the Chiefs would not have gone 2-14 and that Jovan Belcher would not have left his daughter fatherless? Of course.

But, the misery endured by Clark Hunt and the entire Chiefs’ organization led to one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of the sport. To go from 2-14 to 11-5 is an unbelievable feat within itself. You can talk all you want about the Chiefs’ strength of schedule, or the luck they had by facing mainly backup quarterbacks, but the 2013 Chiefs were not just a different team on the field. They were a different organization than before.  What Andy Reid was able to do, come in with a whole new coaching staff, quarterback, etc. and turn those guys into winners was one heck of a feat, and it is something that should not go unnoticed.

Now that the Chiefs were able to exceed expectations in their “rebuilding” year, it is important that the success of the 2014 offseason not be overlooked. It would be easy for John Dorsey and Andy Reid to be complacent with the team they have, but it is clear that the Chiefs could get a lot better on both sides of the ball.

Drafting or acquiring a playmaking receiver would be a good start to bolstering this roster and helping out Alex Smith. Some think that the Chiefs could also use another pass rusher to put pressure on the quarterback and cause turnovers, and that may be a good idea as well. Tamba Hali could almost certainly use somebody on the opposite side to help take away double teams.

Regardless of the personnel moves made this offseason, it is important that this team and organization continue to progress. 2013 proved to be huge in helping to reconcile some of the love by the fans of Kansas City for their team, which has turned out to be huge. 2012 saw a bad team, watched by few people, but 2013 brought those fans back to the seats of Arrowhead.

The right moves need to be made by this franchise this offseason to guarantee that the precious relationship with the fans is never tarnished again. The bottom line is that the Chiefs have a lot of momentum right now, and the next few months are beyond crucial to ensure that that trend continues.

What did you miss on the Chiefs last week?

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