I want to see less of the doctor


Since the season ended much of our writing has been about the roller coaster ride that was the Packers’ season, with all of the ups and downs and twists and turns. This column, really, will be no different. However, rather than tell you which Green Bay Packers should play more, or less, or be let go all together, I’m taking a completely different angle. There are players who we will talk about in depth as the offseason marches on, which to keep, what the outlook is for others. But, what about the staff? There is one person behind the scenes for the Packers that I hope stays there more than he did this past season. I want to see less of Dr. Pat McKenzie.

Before this past season many Packer fans probably couldn’t have told you who the team doctor was. But, with this seemingly unprecedented season of major injuries to the Packers, most notably to Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone, we got an extra dose of Dr. McKenzie. I think I speak for the all of Packer Nation when I say I hope the doctor doesn’t have much work to do this next season. Health will be the most important aspect for the Packers moving forward, as it is for many teams. Getting the currently injured players ready to go for offseason training is paramount, but once the season starts, let’s hope we all forget about the team doctor.


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