Johnny Hekker and Robert Quinn shine at the Pro Bowl


Johnny Hekker and Robert Quinn showed why they are deserving All-Pros last night in the NFL Pro Bowl.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed the St. Louis Rams all season long, but it was nice to see Quinn and Hekker play really well on a national stage*.

*Well, somewhat national. The Grammys probably stole quite a few potential viewers, but it sounds like the Pro Bowl still pulled off a Nielsen rating around 7.0. 

Quinn continued what he had done all of 2013, which is terrorizing left tackles. Quinn had a tackle for a loss, a sack on Cam Newton and an additional quarterback hit. He also batted a ball in the air that turned into a diving Vontaze Burfict interception.

Hekker also continued what he had done all of 2013, which is booming punts and allowing minimal returns. Hekker blasted four punts for 196 yards and allowed just eight total return yards to Antonio Brown and Cordarrelle Patterson, a net average of 47 yards per punt. That figure is actually 2.8 yards better than his NFL-record 44.2 yards per punt net average set this season. Two of his punts landed inside the 20-yard line, including a beauty coffin corner punt that backed up Deion Sanders’ team to the 5-yard line.

Quinn and Hekker were on Jerry Rice’s team in the new unconferenced format, whose team pulled out a last-minute 22-21 victory. Quinn and Hekker each earned $53,000, which is the amount that was paid out to members of the winning team. Sanders’ players earned $26,000 for their losing effort.

Both guys had some cool moments during and after the game as well. (A bunch of Pro Bowlers tweeted throughout the game). A sampling:

Um…what exactly is the plan for the wide receiver position again?

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