Minnesota Vikings fans hoping to see less of Chris Cook in 2014


I think the majority of Minnesota Vikings fan can agree that one player they hope to see less of this upcoming season, other than Christian Ponder, is Chris Cook. Cook was drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft in hopes that he would make a big impact in the secondary. In 2013, however, Cook took a huge step backward in his development and was picked on by opposing teams whenever he was on the field.


With the emergence of Xavier Rhodes at the end of the season Cook will most likely see less and less time, if he is on the team at all.

Who else would you like to see less of next season?

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  • robb

    Less of Josh Robinson. All that speed he has is to no avail.

  • Mark

    Nice research there! While Cook didn’t have the best year (he said so himself) you can’t pin the failings of the secondary on him alone. Let’s take your clip there as an example. Cook actually did the best he could, given the situation. With the cover 2 style defense they were in (IMO that is most of the problem) and a pair of receivers on that side, the safety – Harrison Smith in this case – needed to be quicker in getting across the field. Because he was late, Cook was force to cover both Martellus Bennett (who caught the TD from the slot position) and Earl Bennett who was lined up outside. He is one guy I would bring back for next year as a veteran presence who CAN start but provides good depth, it could be a change of scheme does him well – and he’d come cheap.