Even the Colts chose the Grammy’s over the Pro Bowl


The Pro Bowl was played on Sunday night, and while some tuned into the game with a complete new look. Seriously those jerseys? Many players on the Colts were tuning into the Grammy’s instead of watching their three teammates playing in Hawaii.

The NFL is to blame for this. I mean the last two years the Pro Bowl has been an absolute joke to watch. Players go maybe 20 percent and the rules never allowed press coverage, blitzing, zone defense, among other things. The only thing the players were interested in was the week vacation on the beach in perfect weather. The fans tunes out and the league noticed. This year the rules changed. But was it enough?

The 11-5 Indianapolis Colts earned three pro bowl players this season in quarterback Andrew Luck, defensive end Robert Mathis, and long snapper Matt Overton. While I was enjoying the new rules and finally was able to see players compete at a higher level for the first time in my life, Luck and the other two Colt’s teammates were mostly busy watching the awards show over on TBS. Many took to Twitter to talk about it.

If you have twitter and are not following Colts punter Pat McAfee, you’re doing it wrong. Pat openly speaks his mind on twitter, and is quiet funny 90 percent of the time. Shortly after his big hit on Trindon Holliday during the Broncos Colts game in October, Pat was asked to submit to a random drug test.

Pat was no different last night when it came to the Grammys, and picking on his special teams teammate Matt Overton. Here is a list of the tweets from him last night.

McAfee wasn’t the only Colts player talking about the Grammys last night however.

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis chimed in as well.

Running back Vick Ballard:

Maybe some players were watching their teammates and friends from around the league playing Sunday night, but it seems like the NFL still has a long way to go before they can get a steady viewer rating from fans and players for the Pro Bowl. While I enjoyed the new rule changes and the close game, I still think we are a long way away from getting the prefect type of all-star game the fans deserve to see.

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